Reach Your Audience

In today's digital world, smartphones are everywhere. The number of smartphones has even surpassed the number of personal computers; having a mobile-friendly website has become a critical part of having an online presence.

As users' devices evolve beyond the desktop into an integrated digital world, search technologies such as Apple Siri and Google Assistant provide search results based on the user's web behaviour and current location. From making reservations and providing shopping recommendations to presenting entertainment ideas, users are provided with timely and relevant content without actively searching for it. 

Without a website constructed using adaptive technology these modern search technologies cannot gather and deliver the valuable information your customers expect.


More Than Mobile

Mobile devices drive 56 percent of all web traffic.

Having a mobile-friendly website is important, but to be effective they also need to load in less than 3 seconds and be search engine optimized. Search technologies promote websites with well structured layouts and fast loading times. This is achieved through clean coding, careful use of images, balanced design and optimized web hosting.

To engage viewers, website design must be:

Mobile First

Build mobile first, then tablet and desktop. Reach people on their phones through Apple Siri and Google Assistant in addition to web searches. 

Built For Speed

Search technologies promote websites with fast loading time and demote those that don't. If viewers have to wait, they leave and often don't come back.

Content Rich

Search bots can't index images - they're like silence on the radio. You need well structured text content to be found. Balance beauty and function.

Have an existing website?

If you have a website that's not performing to your expectations, we can help. We regularly work with on-staff developers and design agencies to compliment their talents.

Code is art and teamwork can create a masterpiece.

Future Flexability

CMO IT Services is built upon two core values.

  • Clients should own their information.

  • Client retention is earned, not forced.

Every project we undertake is crafted with future flexibility and data portability in mind. The Internet and the technology it's built upon is continuously evolving which is why information needs to be portable. Proprietary content management systems are designed to lock in data, making it difficult to move websites or the information they contain. This leads to unnecessary data loss, expense, and stress.

Web development is a service based business. Never accept vendor lock-in.

Getting Started

Our experience has enabled us to streamline web development into four simple steps. Introductions, paperwork, development and maintenance. Why so simple? Because simple is fast and reliable.

Step One

Give us a call and we will meet to discuss your project.

Step Two

A project plan and estimate is created for your review.

Step Three

We construct your project and publish it on our managed hosting services.

Step Four

We monitor and maintain all aspects of your website and hosting.

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